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ICYMI: Colorblind Dad Is Given the Gift of Seeing Color By His Daughter

This heartwarming video will make your day.

One color blind dad got the Father’s Day gift of a lifetime last weekend. One Twitter user posted a video of her dad opening the Father’s Day gift she got him — glasses that help correct his color blindness and allow him to see the full spectrum of color for the first time — and the video is a complete tearjerker. Standing in a really great dad outfit (Adidas shirt, ball shorts, cowboy boots) her father opens the gift and immediately puts the glasses on.

“Are you serious?” He asks, not believing that this is the gift he got. He’s only able to keep them on for a few seconds, however, before he has to take them off so he can cover his eyes while he cries happy tears. According to the tweet, his daughter, Mariah, had saved up for the gift, due to the cost.

“My dad’s color blind and literally since I can remember he’s talked about wanting the classes that help the color blind but they’ve always been super expensive,” she wrote. “So this Father’s Day I decided to give him the gift of color. I love you so much dad. Happy Father’s Day,” she Tweeted. 

After he got the gift, he sent a text to Mariah, who is away from home on active duty. “ … makes me cry every time I put them on thank you Mariah,” he texted alongside a photo of him smiling. She then posted the second half of the video. “I don’t even know how to explain it,” he says. “I can see everything.” He even chokes up when he realizes he can see purple. He points to things all around him, amazed at what he can see. The glasses, for the record, are from Pilestone, Inc. and are anywhere from $100 to $400.