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Iceland Pulled The Goalie During The UEFA Euro 2016

Wikimedia Commons

If you want to learn about sports baby booms, don’t ask a Cubs fan. They’re busy daydreaming about opening day. Instead, ask a Sigur Ros fan. This past weekend, hospitals in Iceland reportedly administered a record amount of epidurals — 9 months after the nordic island defeated England in a historic 2-1 UEFA Euro 2016 upset.

The significance of the win is something you don’t have to be a soccer fan to appreciate. Ranked 34th in the world, the Iceland squad was a surprise qualifier for the international tournament, let alone a team that could topple England. On top of that, Iceland’s population is about 10 times less than that of Wales so their player pool is pretty small. All in all, the win was one of the most unexpected in Euro Cup history.

Not so unexpected is the uptick in babies. Research shows that watching your team win increases testosterone, which makes you want to have sex. Simple science.

Less scientifically, a Super Bowl ad aired last year called out the concept of sports babies to the tune of Seal’s “Kissed By A Rose.” Hopefully, Iceland will get a similar commercial to a Björk song. Because how else are you supposed to explain to little Róbjörg where he came from?

[H/T] The Independent