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This Wife Perfectly Responds To Her Husband’s Question: ‘What’s On Your Mind?’

Just in case you didn’t spend all of yesterday searching Reddit for hilarious glimpses of other people’s married life, behold: A wife’s written response to her husband asking, “What’s on your mind?” It should look vaguely familiar to every married couple with kids, given that it covers pretty much all the bases: parental anxiety (“My kids are awesome and evil at the same time”), relationship stuff (“We should do it right now”), housework (“That dirt under the fridge”), and the internet (“Waffle poots“).

Husband Asked His Wife To Draw What's On Her Mindbpwwhirl

Not surprisingly, the comment thread is a murky pool of questionable humor at the expense of both the guy and his wife, interrupted by the occasional glimmer of beautiful humanity, like “Take this window into her mind and use it to make her happy. But do it as secretly as possible. She handed you a cheat sheet and I hope you use it.” Well said, d1sappointed, well said.

Husband AsksWife To Draw What's On Her Mindbpwwhirl