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Hulu Just Landed An Exclusive Deal For 50-Plus Classic Disney Movies

As far as streaming services are concerned, Hulu often takes a backseat to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Sure it has a solid slate of shows and original series but Netflix and Amazon Prime are stacked. Hulu’s pretty much a weight class behind. Or at least it was. In a major power move, Hulu just inked a multi-year deal with Disney to stream more than 50 animated and live-action movies available.


This deal means that such kid-friendly classics as Mulan, Pocahontas, Sister Act, Air Bud, Lilo & Stitch, and Muppet Treasure Island are all a few clicks away. And don’t worry: Con Air and other more adult Disney hits are there to stream when the kids conk out.

But don’t cancel your Netflix subscription just yet. Disney also signed an exclusive agreement with them for all movies released after 2016. So you’d be wise to sign up for both (even the Ghostbusters would agree that it’s totally cool to cross the streams in this case.) Besides, with their powers combined, you can trick your kid into going to bed on New Years Eve, watch Star Wars: Rogue One (when it releases) with them, and entertain them with Air Bud. And for around $20 a month, that’s way cheaper than a babysitter.

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