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Hugh Jackman Shares Supportive Message to Girl Suffering From Bullying

"Please never stop asking for help. You will find it from people and places you never thought possible."

Getty/ Youtube

Actor Hugh Jackman – best known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men films – shared some kind and supportive words for a 10-year-old girl who made a video asking for help dealing with bullies who sent her death threats.

Jackman, himself a father of two, called Cassidy Warner “loved, special & smart,” in a Facebook post responding to the video. “Please never stop asking for help. You will find it from people and places you never thought possible. I’m your friend,” Jackman added.

There has been a clearer picture forming around bullying since 2005, when the government started collecting data on bullying in schools. Today, one out of five students report having been bullied at some point in their lives, a third of students who report being bullied say that it happens one to two times a month. There has been movement to combat the problem —all 50 states have some kind of anti-bullying law, and schools are increasingly being called upon to implement bullying prevention programs, but individual stories help illustrate how prevalent the problem still is.

Originally posted to her Facebook page (before the page was deleted), Cassidy’s video chronicles some of the struggles that the 10-year-old goes through at school every day. Though Warner’s page was shut down, her mother re-posted the video on her own page, where it was picked up by media outlets like ABC News, which lead to it being shared and viewed over 2.2 million times.

Warner, who notes she has been bullied since the first grade, doesn’t speak during the video; instead, she holds up signs with messages on them, describing her day-to-day hardships at school.

“The group of kids always come up to me during recess, trying to fight me,” she writes. “They hit me, kicked me, pulled my hair, pushed me, stepped on me, spit on me.” Warner then writes that the kids at her elementary school threatened to kill her, on top of telling her to kill herself. She laments that “there’s four of them and only one of me.” 

Warner’s father told the Scranton Times-Tribune that John Adams Elementary School – where his daughter goes to school – has since responded to the video by changing Warner’s lunch and recess periods. It’s not known, however, if the school decided to deal with Warner’s bullies directly.