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Dragon Mating Dance Will Happen in ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’

'How to Train Your Dragon' series is getting real.


The third and final installment of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is called The Hidden World, and it might actually be about dragon reproduction. Really!

On Wednesday, Dreamworks Pictures released the full trailer for the next installment in the epic story of the dragon known as “Toothless” and the humans who love him. But this time, the story seems focused on how dragons could continue to exist and propagate, even in secret. To that end, one scene features Toothless engaging in what can only be called a dragon mating dance.

The movie will star the voice talents of Jay Baruchel, America Ferrea, Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson and F. Murray Abraham. Presumably, parents can all debate with each about whether or not Abraham’s performance in How to Train Your Dragon is better or worse than Amadeus, The Grand Budapest Hotel or Homeland. In terms of Cate Blanchett’s inclusion, this is actually her third outing in the franchise, which is easily her greatest role outside of Hela in Thor: Ragnarok or Galadriel in any of the Lord of the Rings movies. (Let’s get real, we’d take even a bad Lord of the Rings movie right now.)

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World will hit theaters on March 9, 2018, which means there’s plenty of time to get caught up on the oeuvre of Blanchett and Abraham before you see it. That way, when it’s time to show your kids Amadeus, they’ll be primed and ready. But seriously, the first two How to Train Your Dragon movies are streaming to rent on Amazon Prime right now. Also, the entire book series upon which they are based are pretty easy to find, too. They’re written by Cressida Cowell and are pretty easy to find at most libraries and booksellers.