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How to Watch Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Christmas Special

Will they spend the whole thing just making fun of each other? It's not clear, but here's how to catch it, even if you don't have a TV.


The celebrity couple who are as famous for sick burns as they are for being famous are giving the world a ’90s style Christmas special. On Wednesday night, November 28 at 10 pm eastern time on NBC, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend will present A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy. Here’s what to expect and how to watch it.

In addition to the power-couple at the center of the um…legendary spectacle, John and Crissy will also have celebrity guests like Stevie Wonder, Esperanza Spalding, Kris Jenner, rapper Awkwafina and more! Basically, if you’re looking for a Christmas special that isn’t super-white or perhaps one you haven’t seen a million times before, A Legendary Christmas will probably deliver. Will it be the best thing you’ve seen this year? No. Will you be able to spend an hour watching it with your wife after the little ones are in bed, yes? Will your wife like it? Maybe? Chrissy Teigen is pretty funny and husbands everywhere could learn a thing or two from her brutal public shaming teasing of John Legend.

But, how do you watch the extravaganza? The special itself airs on Wednesday night at 10 pm eastern time on NBC, so if you have a regular TV with regular network TV, you’re good. But, if you don’t, you can watch NBC streaming live right here. (You’ll likely need to provide your cable provider though.)

And, if you happen to miss A Legendary Christmas With John and Crissy, it looks like you’ll be able to stream it directly from NBC after it airs right here.