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How to Start Playing ‘Jurassic World Alive’; the Dinosaur ‘Pokemon Go’

Fly a virtual drone around your neighborhood and so you can collect some Dino-DNA.


Since its release two years ago Pokemon Go has been played all over the world, enabling millions of people to scour their cities and towns for elusive Pokemon. But what if, instead of using augmented reality(AR) to look for Pokemon, people were able to find and capture dinosaurs? Enter Jurassic World Alive, a newly released mobile game where people can channel their inner Chris Pratt to do just that. Here’s what you need to know to start playing.

Jurassic World Alive can be played on iOS as well as Android devices with OS 4.4 or later installed. Downloading the game is completely free and getting up and running is as easy as creating a username. While it’s free to play, the game does offer a membership subscription at $9.99 a month as well as in-game items that are purchasable with real money.

Getting Started Step-by-Step

  1. Go to your preferred app store, its available in iOS app store, and google play
  2. Click download and the game will start installing for free.
  3. Select a screen name, use dinosaur puns at your own discretion.
  4. Choose from a selection of symbols to represent your character.
  5. Walk around to explore the map and use the touch screen to click on dinosaurs and initiate the drone.
  6. Enjoy the sonic pleasure of the iconic John Williams theme song.

The game’s premise has a fairly straightforward approach. You are a new member of the Dinosaur Protection Group, an organization whose mission is to save dinosaurs from another extinction. When dinosaurs escape from the Jurassic World theme park and start roaming major cities, the Dinosaur Protection Group sets out to find them using drones armed with DNA-collecting darts. The game has three main components: Explore and Collect, Create, and Battle.

The heart of the game is exploration and collection. Location-based technology lets players explore game rendered maps of their neighborhoods. The aerial view means players can see dinosaurs and supply drop-offs that are blocks away. Once a player is close enough they can launch their drone and, using a touch screen operated targeting system, shoot a dinosaur with their darts. The more direct hits a player lands, the more DNA they collect from the encounter and the faster the dinosaur, the harder it is to get those direct hits. If a dinosaur is far away, the drone’s battery life is lower, leaving less time available to get DNA. For more time, an ‘enhanced battery’ is available upon purchase of the monthly membership.

Like Pokemon Go, in the explore and collect part of the game, players are guided by a map to tell them where to go. As they follow the map, they get closer in range to the dinosaur they’re after which gives them a chance to collect its DNA. Unlike Pokemon Go, however, in Jurassic World Alive getting physically close to a dinosaur’s in-game location won’t render that dinosaur in front of them. Instead, the AR is used more as part of a trophy system.


In the create portion of the game, players can make dinosaurs in a lab using the DNA they collected. Once a dinosaur is created, they are part of the players’ collection and can be added to their team. This is where the AR comes in as dinosaurs in a players’ collection can be projected in front of them using the camera on their devices. To do this, players have to navigate to their collection by pressing the Jurassic World icon on the bottom left of their screens and select a dinosaur in their collection. The dinosaur will appear with an AR button next to them that will bring the prehistoric creature out into the present day so players can take pictures or shoot videos to share with their friends.

If players want to see their hard-won team in action there’s a battle mode option available after they’ve created at least four dinosaurs. Battling is turn-based, the dinosaur with the higher speed stat gets the first move, and the battle lasts until one of the dinosaurs takes on too much damage and has to exit for rest. Players get basic strikes and an advanced move that does more damage but takes more time to load up.

Jurassic World Alive is a good fit for casual gamers, it’s simple to get up and going so players can enjoy watching dinosaurs walk around their streets. It also makes it fun and easy to do cute things with dogs.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters on June 22.