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You Can See ‘Aquaman’ a Week Early, But There’s a Catch

Here's what to do.

The latest trailer for Aquaman has surfaced but that’s not even the biggest news about the movie. Instead, suddenly Warner Bros is letting everyone go see the film a week early, that is if you have an Amazon Prime membership. And, you have to be available on one specific night. Still, seems worth it to lord over your comic book nerd friends and spoil the hell out of the movie a week early, right?

On Monday, Warner Bros and Businesswire announced a new partnership that will let Amazon Prime members get tickets to exclusive showings of Aquaman on December 15, ahead of its conventional release date on December 21. Sadly, this doesn’t mean you can stream the movie on Amazon Prime early or anything like that, just that you can go to 7 pm showings on the 15th in select cities. Click here to get the tickets.

What about the new trailer? Well, now is probably a good time to remind you that in addition to Jason Moama and Amber Heard, this movie also has Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, and Dolph Lungren. And, in the new footage, Moama is rocking the classic gold and green Aquaman costume that will remind most people of the suit Aquaman wore on Superfriends. In other words, assuming this movie is a reasonable length, it looks pretty fly, and probably less pretentious than Justice League; The Little Mermaid meets Game of Thrones? That feels right.

Aquaman will be in theaters for everyone on December 21. It is unclear at this time if Jason Moama will reprise his role in any future DC superhero movies. In fact, it’s possible to construe the early ticket deal as a firesale on the DC superhero movies as we know them.