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How Do These Halloween Costumes Even Exist In 2015?

As a parent, you’re faced with a lot of tough choices at Halloween. Where should you let your kids trick-or-treat? How much candy should you let them eat? Should you be one of those jerks who hands out flyers about the dangers of sugar instead of actual treats? But there’s one question you shouldn’t have to ask: Should my child’s costume be racist?

A user on the site Imgur recently posted a photo showing a collection of African, Indian, and Chinese makeup sets on the shelf at a costume shop in the UK. There’s no right way to imitate someone’s skin color, and cultures should not become costumes. Blackface: racist. Yellowface: racist. That movie where Emma Stone plays an Asian American named Allison Ng: not racist but profoundly bad.

Granted, at just £1.95 these face painting kits offer up racism at a cheap price. But as a parent, it’s your job to steer clear of your kid’s crazy costume ideas that might land them in hot water at school or on the trick-or-treating circuit. If your kid wants to be a princess and a superhero at the same time, there’s a way to make that work. If your kid wants to be the Washington Redskins mascot, there is no way to make that work.

Here’s a helpful flowchart on the topic from the folks at College Humor:

( Via MTV)