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How to Get Free Coffee Today — On National Coffee Day

Your day just got so much better.

Ah, coffee. If you’re one of the many Americans who drink at least one cup of the delicious glorified bean juice each day, then your Tuesday is about to get a whole lot better. Why? Tuesday, September 29todayis National Coffee Day! That means that a host of your favorite coffee chains are either giving away a cup of coffee for free or they might be offering hefty discounts. 

Whether you take a regular cup of joe brewed at home while you’re just waking up or that $4 layered latte, the research confirms what we already know to be true: Americans like coffee. To get on with our day and to stay focused, research shows that the majority of Americans (a sizable 64% according to a National Coffee Association survey) drink the good stuff daily, with 36% buying from a favorite coffee chain or local shop as per Food and Wine. The COVID-19 pandemic has likely affected the percentage of Americans who buy their coffee out rather than brewing it at home. But it’s telling nevertheless: we can’t get enough coffee. 

Even Pierce Brosnan is drinking James Bond-themed coffee with foam that looks like his own face.

To give the people what they want, tons of coffee chains are incentivizing our coffee habits and caffeine addictions, with tons of perks to wake you right up. Dunkin’ will give customers a free hot or iced coffee with any purchase, WaWa rewards members can pick up a free coffee of any size, Starbucks rewards members can buy a grande or venti today and pick up a free drink at a future visit, Krispy Kreme lovers can receive a free coffee without purchase (although who can resist a coffee and donut?) and 7-Eleven Rewards members can buy any size for $1, as per Eating Well. Additionally, Kroger customers can get 20% off select coffee products through October 6 and Peet’s Coffee fans can get 25% off coffee beans today with the code COFFEEDAY20. If you’ve been needing a sign to go for a walk or drive and get that coffee, well this is it.