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Proof That Your Kid’s Favorite Superheroes Used To Look A Lot More Like You

If you feel like you’re aging less like a fine wine and more like an American macrobrew, you might have noticed that the opposite is happening with your favorite superheroes. Experts can debate the effects this might have on your kid, but now that some genius over on Imgur laid out a bunch of then-and-now examples, look on the bright side: You can prove to your kid that Superman and Batman once had dadbods, too — and that Spiderman costume you hacked together last Halloween was better than the one Spiderman himself used to wear.

Hulk 1978 vs. 2012

Wolverine 2000 vs. 2013

How Superheroes Have Changed Overtime


Spider-Man 1977 vs. 2016

Captain America 1990 vs. 2016

Batman 1942 vs. 2016

Superman 1948 vs. 2016

Thor 1978 vs. 2013

Fantastic Four 1994 vs. 2015

Iron Man 1977 vs. 2008

The Flash 1990 vs. 2016