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The Tooth Fairy is Spending Way More on Teeth Than He Used To

According to a study by the finance website LendEDU, the tooth fairy is shelling out a lot more cash for your kid's pearly whites than she used to


According to a study by the finance website LendEDU, the tooth fairy is shelling out a lot more cash for your kid’s pearly whites than she used to. Parent in 1,200 households reported on their tooth-spending habits. The average price for a pearly white? $3.25. That’s up from $2.13 just a 20 years ago and $1.50 a decade before that. For broader context,d baby boomers who got around 69 cents. Tooth inflation is very real.

While $3.25 sounds like a very high price to pay a child for doing something involuntarily, it’s not the highest that the rate has been. The average price per tooth in 2014 was actually $4.36. Studies that found a correlation between the success of the stock market and price per tooth. Between 2013 and 2014 the piece per tooth increased more than 25 percent. In that same time, the S&P was up almost 11.5 percent. The stock market is currently doing well, but there’s some nervousness about its long-term prospects.

The only caveat is that once the LendEDU survey is adjusted for inflation it doesn’t look like kids these days are getting that much bread for their teeth. As it turns out after adjusting the figures with the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator, that meager 69 cents that boomers got as children comes out to a few cents over $5.75. But unlike kids today who are used to cold hard cash, boomers will often report not getting money for their teeth, but a small piece of chocolate, or worse, a new toothbrush or dental floss.

While the amount that kids get per tooth is very much generational, it has a lot to do with where kids grew up as well. According to Sunstar GUM, in New York City the going rate for one tooth is $13.25. In LA it’s a tooth goes for a little cheaper with parents giving their kids $9.69 for one. Chicago, Dallas, and Boston each give $5.85, $5.28 and $5.02 respectively.

Nonetheless, kids today still have reason to get excited. Despite inflation, 69 cents is still way less money than $4.36 and that says a lot about where parents have their heads’ at when it comes to their kid’s teeth.