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See How Pixar’s Mr. Incredible Became the Latest Meme Phenomenon

'The Incredibles' patriarch's love of crime fighting has made him an internet darling.

Pixar’s The Incredibles, one of the greatest superhero movies ever made, is finally getting a long-awaited sequel next year. But the super family, which hasn’t seen any action in more than a decade, has recently found a second life in meme form— one that celebrates the super-powered patriarch himself, Mr. Incredible.

The meme in question revolves around a memorable quote from the pumped up pater familias. In the movie, we see a young Mr. Incredible on his way to get married to fellow superhero (and super sexy) Elastigirl, when suddenly he’s given the chance to save the day. Mr. Incredible, dressed in a tux,  looks at his watch and says, “Yeah, I’ve got time” before taking a detour to kick some ass.

Reddit users have reappropriated this quote into meme form in order to apply it to increasingly weirder and specific scenarios because that’s what Reddit does. The meme began with simple, relatable premises, like someone staying up later than they should to watch an episode of their favorite show or being late to work to look at something pointless on the internet.

Of course, as this is the Internet, things very quickly got a whole lot stranger. People began taking out words and letters in the quote to make it fit in with nonsense scenarios, such as a self-loathing trip to the psychiatrist or simply identifying yourself when someone asks if it’s really you. Kind of stupid? Sure, but also pretty funny. Perhaps the best example of the inexplicable power of memes is one where Mr. Incredible is suddenly his friend Tim’s biggest supporter.

It doesn’t fully make sense, but it doesn’t have to. People love the random, non-sequitur culture that memes have helped create. And it’s also a meme that is relatively controversy free, not having any racist, sexist, or generally hateful associations. It’s also rad that it’s featuring a dad-favorite. So hop on the meme train and take a ride with Mr. Incredible. After all, you know he’s always got time.