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It Turns Out, Money Has More To Do With Happiness Than You Probably Want To Admit

Biggie Smalls had a lot of advice you’ll want your kids to ignore, but this one tops them all: more money, more problems. You want your kid to be rolling in it one day (for the sake of their well-being and your retirement), even if it’s always been assumed that money can’t buy happiness. The National Bureau of Economic Research recently looked at 16,000 adults, along with the money they’re making, the sex they’re having, and how happy they were and it turns out Biggie was definitely wrong.

For starters, their findings challenge past data that states that happiness peaks and plateaus for individuals making over $75,000 a year, showing that there’s not such ceiling for how happy money can make you. Instead, they found that increases of income were positively correlated to increases in happiness and life satisfaction. Sex was found to make people even happier than money, and the better news for parents is that it only takes about 2 to 3 times a month. Overall, having one sexual partner yielded more happiness than having sex 4 times a week, which might explain why your wife is so happy: she was right all along.

How Money And Sex Relate To Individual Happiness

It’s important to note that money and sex did not relate to each other the same way they did to happiness. Although money did not result in more or better sex, more time in school did. Individuals who completed more than 12 years of education experienced greater happiness as a result of sex. And guess what those additional years of education cost? Cash money. Damn you study! Alas, at least you’ve confirmed that money can, indeed, buy you happiness. Hopefully, the NBER can now focus on figuring out if the Beatles were right about the whole buying love thing.

[H/T] Reddit