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The Average Amount Of Time Most People Spend Having Sex Is … Unimpressive

Your kids are living reminders that there is a lot more to life than sex (ironic, considering how you made them), but exactly how much more? According to a new survey conducted by Reebok and PR firm Censuswide, 99.55 percent more. That’s right, the poll of over 9,000 people across 9 different countries, including the U.S., Germany, France, and Mexico found that you will only spend .45 percent of your life getting laid. So if you feel like you’re getting screwed, you’re technically as right as you are wrong.

The survey estimated that people on average have about 25,915 days to spend in their lifetime, which amounts to 69 years and a joke about a sex position you probably haven’t gotten into in a while. Out of all that time, you only spend about 117 days having sex. While that’s only a slightly smaller figure than the 180 days you will spend exercising (unless you’re this lady and combine the 2 things), it is embarrassingly less than the 10,625 days devoted to looking at your phone. For those keeping score, that’s 10,508 more days spent looking at a screen instead of your naked spouse. What was that sexting thing the kids were talking about?

How Many Days Of Your Life Are Spent Having Sex

The questionnaire was conducted as a part of Reebok’s new “25,915 Days,” campaign that seeks to “inspire people worldwide to honor their days and push themselves to do more with the bodies they’ve been given,” — and that means you and your dadbod. They had some good news to share too, like the fact that you spend 1,769 days socializing with someone you love, which is 6.8 percent of your life. Since that’s 6.35 percent more than you’re having sex, you might want to tell your spouse about it (so you can have more).

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