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How Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Handle Fighting In Front of Their Kids

The two will even act like they're apologizing for the first time if the kids didn't get to see them make up.


Arguing with your partner is pretty much always miserable, but the truth is that it’s an inevitable part of any marriage. And, once kids are thrown into the mix, as much as you try and hide it from them, chances are you’ll end up arguing in their presence at some point too. That can be hard to navigate for any parent, but actress Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard have the perfect technique for making sure that their kids learn a healthy lesson each time they catch the pair in a fight.

“One thing my husband invented — he said, ‘Let’s make a commitment to always make up in front of our kids,'” Bell told POPSUGAR. “Parents can get testy with each other, and what children witness is the fight, and they never witness the resolution, so how on earth are they supposed to know how to make up with people?”

What’s still pretty funny about the whole technique is that sometimes Shepard and Bell argue in front of the kids, but kiss and make up when they aren’t around. Still, what really matters to the two of them are the lessons that their daughters can learn about conflict resolution  So after they patch things up in private, the couple will often engage in some light parental theatre.

“So, even if we have a testy afternoon or a testy evening and we make up in the bedroom later and say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry; I had a long day at work,’ the next morning we come out of our bedroom and, in front of our children, I’ll say, ‘Hey, Daddy, last night at dinner, I felt that I was rude to you, and I don’t think you deserved that. I just wanted to apologize because I had a tough day at work and that made my feelings very frustrated, and I had a hard time being nice and that’s my fault. So I apologize because you don’t deserve that,'” Bell said.