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How Kickstarter Ensures You’ll Get To Keep Playing Board Games With Your Kids

If you’ve resigned yourself to a world in which your kids happily shoot zombies in your living room while you play a lonely game of Settlers Of Catan in the kitchen with the dog, here’s some good news: In the populist consumer shopping mall known as Kickstarter, board games are beating video games.

According to a deep dive done by the data crunchers over at FiveThirtyEight, 3,870 board and card games have been funded since Kickstarter began in 2009. In total, they’ve received $196 million in pledges and 93 percent of them were successful. Compare that to video games in the same time span, which have generated just $179 million in pledges and have an 85 percent success rate. And the trend is actually accelerating: Currently more than 100 new board and card games are funded each month.

FiveThirtyEight Board Games Kickstarter

The article doesn’t get into the demographics of what’s driving this success story — maybe Kickstarter just over-indexes on old board game fans and video games will overtake them as your kids and their friends get older. Or, maybe you’ve been right all along and Settlers Of Catan is way more fun than Minecraft. At least the dog agrees with you.