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Why Eating Fast Food May Ruin Your Ability To Make A Baby

If you’ve ever attempted to swim with a stomach full of McDonald’s, this study from George Washington University will feel familiar. Their research, published in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives, showed a strong link between fast food consumption and phthalates, a common chemical compound that’s been linked with diabetes, cancer, and male infertility. In other words, your swimmers sink just like you with a McRib cramp.

How Eating Fast Food Hurts Your Fertility

A total of 8,877 participants were asked to recall how much fast food they consumed in the past 24 hours as a part of the National Health and Nutrition Survey. Results showed that people who consumed high levels of fast food had 23.8 percent and 39 percent higher levels of the phthalates ΣDEHPm and DiNPm, respectively. You might not have any idea what what those secret ingredients are, but they could cause a lot of problems for your special sauce (sorry).

These unwelcome chemical compounds are most commonly used to in plastics and soaps, which makes you wonder how the hell they got in your dinner. Well, the more plastic, conveyor belts, and other forms of machinery your food touches, the greater chance it has of getting contaminated with phthalates — and fast food touches them all. If you’re trying to choose between another bun in the oven and a processed sesame seed one, it’s likely no contest. Remember the good old days when horse meat was your biggest fast food problem?

[H/T] Inside Hook