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Houston Dad Handles Bully Beautifully, Makes Internet Feel Again

Turns out that kindness was the best solution to the problem.

@illuminaubrey_ Twitter

One Houston father is turning heads with a rather unconventional to approach to dealing with his son’s school bully. When Aubrey Fontenot found out that his son Jordan was being bullied by another student, rather than get angry with the bully, he reached out to the boy’s family and spoke with him one on one. As it turns out, there was a lot more to his son’s bullying than Fontenot had expected.

Fontenot ended up going on a quick drive with Tamarion, his son’s bully. After a few questions and a conversation on the phone with Tamarion’s mother, Fontenot learned that the family has been struggling to find a stable place to live. Tamarion explained that his actions are a result of the fact that his living situation causes him to be bullied at school too.

“I asked ‘Who? You’re big, who is picking on you?’ He said ‘All the other kids, they make fun of me,’” Aubrey said to KHOU 11.

Once Fontenot heard that, he took matters into his own hands and helped Tamarion out. The video of them in the car cuts from Tamarion sitting a bit stoically to Fontenot buying him some new clothes at the mall. Eventually, the two were laughing and joking in the car on the way home. Still, there was the matter of Tamarion and Jordan burying the hatchet. Neither boy wanted to say very much until the camera was off.

“One kid said one thing, another kid said something. I said we need to settle this stuff like men,” Aubrey said.

Fontenot was bullied as a child too, and while he didn’t know exactly what to do when the boys met, he knew that talking it out was the best place to start. After a conversation, both boys let bygones be bygones and began playing video games together. When KHOU 11 asked Jordan how things were going he was sure to point out that he and Tamarion are actually good friends now.