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Twitter Can’t Get Enough of Hot Costco Dad in This Viral Video

Shopping in bulk has never looked so good.


One dad is going viral after his first trip to Costco. A Twitter video of Tom Musto gushing over his haul from the wholesale store posted on Sunday has already racked up over 4.8 million views.

“He called me when he was there and said, ‘TJ, have you ever heard of Costco?'” Tom’s son TJ Musto, who filmed and tweeted the clip, told Mashable. “I laughed and said ‘Yes Dad everyone’s heard of Costco.'”

In the video, Tom, who is still ecstatic over Costco’s low prices, shows off what he bought to his son, from a pack of sausages ($8 for all of them!) to massive jars of marinara sauce. At the end, Tom even jokes that his friend Stephanie, who took him to the store, said she would get him a Costco card for his birthday.

With over 65,000 retweets so far, people can’t get enough of Tom’s infectious enthusiasm—or his good looks. “This is wholesome but more importantly your father is HOT,” one user wrote, while another said, “Ootie tootie, I’m coming for dat booty!”

Others described him as a “snack,” “daddy,” and a “DILF.” One fan even tweeted, “Does he need a bun for those sausages?”

And while TJ never expected the video to take off like it did, he is happy that his dad has received so much attention. He explained to Mashable that “[my dad is] newly single so I’m always trying to up his confidence,” adding that “he loves [hie newfound Internet fame], even though he’s trying to downplay it all. He’s real humble.”