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‘Hereditary’ Trailer Terrifies Kids Waiting to See ‘Peter Rabbit’

Some parents reportedly rushed their kids out of the theatre.

A movie theater in Perth, Australia scared the daylights out of a few kids and upset some parents when they accidentally screened the trailer for the upcoming horror movie Hereditary ahead of a showing of the kid’s movie Peter Rabbit. Hereditary is already being heralded as one of the scariest movies ever and the trailer is deeply disconcerting. Some parents saw it coming and got their kids out. Others didn’t and had to manage the tears that followed. 

In an interview with the Australian news site WA Today, one parent said that “very quickly you could tell this was not a kid’s film. Parents were yelling at the projectionist to stop, covering their kids’ eyes and ears.”

What’s worse is that the screening snafu took place on Anzac Day, a national holiday meant to honor Australians who have fallen in military conflicts and peacekeeping efforts. Throughout the continent kids and their parents have the day off from school and work, so it was the perfect day for some family fun at the movies.

Once the trailer started parents weren’t just covering their kid’s eyes and yelling at the projectionist, but running out of “the cinema with their kids in tow.”  The theater apologized in a statement and offered the families free movie passes as compensation (presumably not to see Hereditary). Unfortunately, the movie passes expired on the same day as the screening. 

Hereditary, which tells the story of an upsetting relationship between a mother and her maybe-not-awesome daughter has gotten rave reviews and cheered as a sort of spiritual sequel to The ExorcistSo parents may still want to see it. They may, however, want to get a babysitter for that night.