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Horrified Peppa Pig Mascot Watches Child Destroy Peppa Pig Piñata

As the little girl's friends and family cheered her on, the Peppa Pig mascot looked decidedly less enthused.

Twitter: @eddd_maisterr

Piñatas are among the more sacred of rituals at a kid’s birthday party, as they encompass two things every child loves: candy and destruction. But a recent piñata busting took a tragic albeit slightly hilarious turn when, in a cruel twist of fate, a mascot dressed as Peppa Pig was forced to watch in terror as a young girl savagely annihilated a Peppa Pig piñata.

While the little girl’s friends and family cheered her on with each impressive swing, the mascot looked decidedly less enthused at what he or she was witnessing. Despite not being able to see the face behind the mask, the video beautifully captures the pig’s horror as the lookalike effigy is destroyed.