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Horrific Accident Underscores Dangers of Baseball and Softball Games for Kids

It's time for netting to be a requirement on all baseball fields, not just the professional ones.

Healing For McKenna/Facebook

A 7-week-old girl is fighting to stay alive in an Iowa hospital after accidentally being hit in the forehead by a softball. McKenna was in her mother’s arms in the stands of her father’s softball game when she was hit by an overthrown ball. McKenna was flown to a nearby hospital where she is currently being treated for multiple skull fractures as well as some bleeding in her brain.

According to a report from Metro UK,  McKenna is currently on anti-seizure medication due to the traumatic brain injury and remains intubated while doctors monitor her recovery. While she hasn’t had a seizure in two days, her doctors are still unsure about whether she will recover from her injuries. To pay for the medical costs, her family has started a fundraising page that’s raised about $24,000 for what will likely be an extensive recovery.

This injury highlights the dangers of sitting in the stands of a field with no protective netting. In 2017 a girl was hospitalized with facial fractures and brain bleeding after she was hit in the face with a line drive during a New York Yankees game. By the 2018 baseball season, all 30 teams in the MLB implemented the use of protective netting to prevent such injuries. These new guidelines only exist within the MLB. Other baseball fields across the world still pose a similar danger. For instance, a Pittsburgh boy sustained a traumatic brain injury during a Little League game in 2015 when he was hit in the head with a foul ball. The injury has resulted in behavior changes as well as a handful of other health and social issues.

For updates on McKenna’s condition, you can visit her facebook page.