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You Can Buy ‘Christmas Vacation’ Inflatable Decorations at Home Depot Right Now

They have Star Wars inflatables, too!

Warner Bros.

We’re more than a week away from Halloween but for parents, that means it’s already time to start preparing for Christmas decorating. And as you are forced to drive around town in order to get a tree, ornaments, wreaths, and mistletoe, you’re going to want to swing by Home Depot because they are selling some awesome Christmas inflatables that will make all of your neighbors extremely jealous and guarantee Santa spends some quality time at your house on his annual flight.

Our favorite of the bunch has to be the RV from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, as we wish we could have the Griswold family over to create some holiday hi-jinks. You can get it for $199 and it might even make a comfortable landing spot when Clark falls off the roof while putting up the lights.

You can recreate the invasion of Hoth with an inflatable AT-AT ($149). Apparently, even storm troopers have the Christmas spirit, as they decorated their war machine with some adorable Christmas lights.

With Frozen 2 coming out in November, it should come as no surprise that there’s an inflatable of Olaf and Sven ($149).

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Maybe your family is a little less Santa-friendly than the rest of the neighborhood. In that case, this Grinch inflatable ($129) is perfect for your front yard.

If you are more of a Christmas Story fan than a Christmas Vacation fan, you can also get a Ralphie Bunny Suit for $119.

There’s even a Toy Story inflatable ($129), with Woody hanging out with Slinky, who is wearing a very dope Santa hat.