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Macaulay Culkin Ridiculously Recreates Classic ‘Home Alone’ Scenes

"Hey Google, begin Operation Kevin."


Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin is back—this time in a TV commercial. The 38-year-old actor recreated some of the most famous scenes from the 1990 holiday film for a new Google ad titled “Home Alone Again.”

In the minute-long clip, which was released this morning, Culkin plays a grown-up Kevin McCallister who must use his Google Assistant to defend himself from the burglars. It begins with Culkin asking the device, “Hey Google, what’s on the calendar today?” to which it responds “House to yourself.”

Then, viewers are treated to glimpses of classic scenes—but with a modern, Google-aided twist. There’s the shaving scene, when Kevin asks Google to order more aftershave, and the junk food one, when he orders his pizza online and even answers the door via a video doorbell system. (Of course, he tells the delivery boy to “keep the change, ya filthy animal.”)

And when the robbers show up, Kevin merely says, “Hey Google, begin Operation Kevin.” His Google Assistant replies, “Operation Kevin underway,” and the tiny device takes care of scaring away the robbers, from locking the doors to turning on the fireplace.

“It was interesting, going back and doing a lot of this stuff,” Culkin said about shooting the commercial. “They did a very good job on the set decoration and the props, and all the shots were really spot-on. I’m hoping that people are really going to dig it.”