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Holy Bat-Twist! Co-Star Says Ben Affleck’s Batman Could Still Return

Ray Fisher (AKA Cyborg) puts everything in perspective.

Warner Bros

Holy Bat-twist, Batman! Ben Affleck will 100 percent not star in the 2021 Matt Reeves-directed movie The Batman, but that doesn’t mean his version of the Dark Knight couldn’t return in a different DC Comics superhero flick. In fact, one his co-stars in Justice League says Affleck’s Bat could easily return to a different movie.

On Friday, Inverse published an interview with Ray Fisher; the actor who plays superhero Cyborg in Justice League. In the interview, Fisher made it clear that even though Affleck was out for The Batman, that didn’t mean he couldn’t show up in potential sequels to Justice League or Wonder Woman: 1984. Fisher said he understood that the new 2021 film would be a younger Batman, but added: “that’s not to say that our older version of Batman can’t show back up.” Fisher didn’t reveal in what capacity his Cyborg or Affleck’s Batman might appear. But, because Aquaman crushed at the box office, future sequels to that particular superhero lineup suddenly seem viable.

Still, the 2021 film The Batman will cast a new actor in the role. According to Variety and ComicBookMovie, Reeves is looking to “cast a familiar face” as the new Batman. This fact, is of course, ironic since Batman’s face is mostly covered by that sick mask. Still, the burden of playing Batman weighs heavy on the actors who have donned the cowl. George Clooney is still apologizing for 1997’s Batman and Robin, while even Michael Keaton seemed to work out his former-Batman angst in Birdman and by playing the bad guy in Spider-Man: Homecoming. So, whoever the next Bat is, that man will have his work cut out for him.

The Batman is expected sometime in 2021.