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The Hip-Hop Alphabet Teaches Kids Their ABCs With Help From Rappers

I is for Ice-T.


Move over, alphabet song—there’s a new way for kids to learn their ABCs. With clever rhymes and colorful drawings, Hip Hop Alphabet 2 teaches children the 26 letters along with essential elements about rap culture.

The book, written by former music executive Howie Abrams and illustrated by famous graffiti artist Michael “Kaves” McLeer, is the sequel to Hip Hop Alphabet, which was released last TK. The original book was so popular that not only did Cardi B feature it in her Bardi Book Library for Kulture’s baby shower but it also sold out in less than a year.

“So many parents reached out to let us know how the book helped them bond with their children through hip-hop, which was the reason we created it in the first place,” Abrams said.

Now, in Hip Hop Alphabet 2, kids will meet some of the greatest old-school rappers along with current music stars. And this time around, there will be more female rappers, including Salt N Pepa, Missy Elliot, and Lauryn Hill.

Even Ice-T, who is included in the second book, is a fan of the unique read. The rapper dad told HipHopDX that he used it to teach his own three-year-old daughter, Chanel, her ABCs. “The alphabet is often the first thing you learn as a child,” he said. “Chanel has been reciting the alphabet for at least a year, usually doing so using the same melody as ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ Rap and song are clearly both valuable tools for memorizing and learning.”

In addition to the sequel, a reprint of the original Hip Hop Alphabet will be released, allowing parents a second chance at getting their hands on the sold-out title. A portion of the proceeds from both books will go to the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music, a charity organization that believes every child deserves equal access to music and the arts.

You can pre-order the reprint of Hip Hop Alphabet (available April 23) on Amazon here or the sequel (available May 14) on Amazon here.