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Hilary Duff Faces Parent Shamers After Piercing Her Infant Daughter’s Ears

Here we go again.

Hilary Duff welcomed her daughter Banks late last year, which means that her days are likely full of feedings, playtime, and adjusting to life with two children. Oh, and parent-shaming. Lots of parent-shaming. This is, unfortunately, something that most moms have to deal with, but given that Duff is in the public eye, it’s extremely heightened.

Most recently, the internet trolls had a field day when the 31-year-old actress posted a photo on Instagram Stories that showed off her daughter’s newly pierced ears. “Oh and yes we pierced her ears,” Duff captioned the post, in which Banks was adorably sticking out her tongue.

Since the photo expired after 24 hours, Duff’s Instagram feed has become a dumping ground for hate, particularly a black-and-white image of the actress and her daughter smiling and laughing. “I can’t fathom why you would you think it’s okay to have your daughter’s ears pierced. Causing her a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort,” one user said. “Just won an unfollow after seeing you pierced her ears, poor baby. Bye!” wrote another.

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Despite the digital finger-wagging going on in the comments, there are also a ton of people coming to Duff’s defense, pointing out that piercing newborns’ ears is a common practice in many cultures. Others are calling attention to the fact that Duff is an adult and can make her own decisions when it comes to parenting her kids. Duh. Trolls should also keep in mind that there’s really no medical evidence to suggest that piercing a baby’s ears is harmful, as long as certain safety measures are taken.

Of course, this is hardly the first time celebrity parents have been shamed for piercing their kid’s ears. Kylie Jenner faced similar criticism last summer after posting a photo of her daughter Stormi’s pierced ears. Sigh.