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Hilarious Trailer Reimagines Buddy the Elf as a Comic Book Villain

Buddy does like to smile a lot...

Buddy the Elf got his very own Honest Trailer, which claims to “tells the truth” about some of the most-watched movies. Buddy’s background and the plot of Elf were picked apart. Although the narrator of Honest Trailers believes the movie is delightful overall, he compared Buddy to one of Batman’s biggest adversaries.

Buddy is like the Joker. If he sat down and contemplated his past instead of being constantly overjoyed, then maybe he would realize how effed up his life has been. The trailer makes a pretty good case for it, pointing out that he was abandoned by his mom after a one-night stand and considered a burden by his adoptive family. When he’s in his mid-30s, he finally finds out the truth about his parentage. He goes to New York with nothing to find his dad. When he does find his father, his dad thinks he’s mentally ill and wants nothing to do with him. Smiling is also his favorite. It tracks.

The trailer also points out how disturbing the relationship between Buddy and Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) is. He thinks like a child, not like an adult man. Hopefully, fans will be able to forget about that before their next Elf viewing.

The people behind this Honest Trailer aren’t complete Grinches, though. Speaking of Grinches, they remind fans that Elf almost starred Jim Carrey, but turned it down to star in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Honest Trailers call Elf the only Christmas movie that’s sweet, honest and super, super weird. Usually, holiday movies only fall into one or two of those categories, but Elf hits the trifecta.