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Highlights Magazine Issues Statement Condemning Trump’s Detention Centers

"Moral courage means standing up for what we believe is right, honest, and ethical -- even when it is hard."

Facebook / Highlights for Children

Over the past week, no story has dominated the news like the reports that highlight the horrific conditions of detention camps where immigrant children are being held at the border. People have been stunned to learn that the facilities are filthy, overcrowded, and infested with lice and disease. Across the country, many have voiced their disapproval of these camps and the fact that families are being forcibly separated. Now, one of the most popular kid’s magazines in America has released a statement condemning Trump’s detention camps, as Highlights Magazine CEO Kent Johnson voiced the publication’s criticism of these camps.

“As a company that helps children become their best selves — curious, creative, caring, and confident — we want kids to understand the importance of having moral courage,” Johnson said. “Moral courage means standing up for what we believe is right, honest, and ethical — even when it is hard.”

Johnson went on to say that the existence of these camps and the policy of separating children from their parents was in direct contradiction with the values the magazine represents.

“Our company’s core belief, stated each month in Highlights Magazine, is that ‘Children are the world’s most important people,” he explained. That is a belief about ALL children. With this core belief in our minds and hearts, we denounce the practice of separating immigrant children from their families and urge our government to cease this activity, which is unconscionable and causes irreparable damage to young lives.”

While America remains politically divided, Johnson said that this is an issue that transcends politics and that Republicans and Democrats should band together to stand against this inhumane treatment of children.

“This is not a political statement about immigration policy,” he wrote. “This is a statement about human decency, plain and simple. This is a plea for recognition that these are not simply the children of strangers for whom others are accountable. This is an appeal to elevate the inalienable right of all children to feel safe and to have the opportunity to become their best selves.”

Johnson closed by encouraging readers to voice their displeasure with these detention centers by reaching out to their local politicians.

“We invite you — regardless of your political leanings — to join us in speaking out against family separation and to call for more humane treatment of immigrant children currently being held in detention facilities,” he urged. “Write, call, or email your government representatives.”