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This High School Dance Team’s Harry Potter Routine Will Have You Believing in Magic

All seven books gets at least one or two solid references in just about six minutes.

ThePac Walden Grove Youtube

The students at Walden Grove High in Arizona have developed something of a reputation for dance routines that usually require picking your jaw up off of the ground afterword. In honor of homecoming week, the school’s dance team choreographed a five-minute Harry Potter themed routine and it is amazing.

The routine hits a lot of beats from the movies ridikkulusly well. It starts with Harry living underneath the Dursley’s staircase and finding out he’s a wizard and not long after he’s at Hogwarts being sorted into Gryffindor and getting his first flying lesson. Towards the end, the team acts out Harry and Voldemort’s fight for all the marbles as two opposing dance squads circle each other.

This actually isn’t the schools first stab at a piece of mind-blowing movie themed choreography. In fact, at their homecoming last year, dancers from Walden Grove High put on another spectacle, except the theme was 1939’s The Wizard Of Oz. Similarly, last year’s performance was a detailed retelling of the movie set to modern music.

While it was amazing, it was only one movie. The Harry Potter series is this huge sprawling narrative that takes place over many years and throughout several generations. It’s super impressive that the students managed to hit most of the story in a timely way.

The group that choreographed the whole thing doesn’t look to be slowing down either. The team actually made the quarterfinals during season 13 of America’s Got Talent before they were eliminated. Chances are we’ll get to see a few more genius routines before most of them graduate.