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Watch This High School Coach Take a Loaded Gun Away From a Kid With a Hug

Keanon Lowe is being hailed as a hero for his brave actions.

Earlier this year, a potential school shooting in Oregon was thwarted and now, video has been released which shows how one brave coach stopped the shooter by giving him a hug.

On May 17, Angel Granados-Diaz brought a loaded shotgun to Parkrose High School during what authorities describe as a mental health crisis. Grandados-Diaz walked into a classroom with the weapon but fortunately, Keanon Lowe, a football and track coach who also works as a security guard, was in the room and was able to get a hold of the weapon as students were fleeing from the class.

Video shows students running frantically from the classroom, then you can see the gun’s magazine being tossed into the hallway by Lowe, who then emerges holding Grandados-Diaz in one arm and the gun in the other. Once Lowe is able to hand the gun off, he then gives Grandados-Diaz a hug and together they walked out of the school, where police arrived to take the student into custody.

Lowe, who played college football for the Oregon Ducks and worked as an assistant coach in the NFL, has been hailed as a hero for his courageous actions, with several students celebrating the coach for “putting his life in danger for us.”

“A pretty crazy situation,” Lowe said. “In a fraction of a second, I analyzed everything really fast. I saw the look in his face, look in his eyes, looked at the gun, realized it was a real gun and then my instincts just took over.”

According to Prosecutor Parakram Singh, an investigation revealed that Grandados-Diaz only intended to use the gun to harm himself. On October 10, he pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful possession of a firearm in a public building and one count of unlawful possession of a loaded firearm in public. He has been sentenced to three years probation, along with receiving mental health treatment.