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Here’s Who Might Host ‘Jeopardy’ Because Alex Trebek is Probably Quitting

His two suggestions for replacements seem unlikely, but given Trebek's history, they really shouldn't at all.


It’s rare that a television personality feels totally and completely irreplaceable, especially the host of a game show. Think about it, Family Feud has changed hosts every four years since 1999. Still, every once and a while you get a truly iconic personality that you’d actually hate to see go. This may be no more the case for anybody than it is for Alex Trebek who has recently floated the idea of leaving Jeopardy in 2020.  

During an interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin, when asked about his future with the show, Trebek said that the odds that he would come back to host Jeopardy after 2020 were about “50-50, and a little less.” If Trebek retired in 2020, he’d be going out during the show’s 36th season.

It seems crazy that Trebek would even want to quit. The show is watched by at least 125 million people every single day, making it the second most popular game show of all time. Moreover, it’s kind of the perfect game show. It’s way less convoluted of a game than Deal or No Deal, is as intellectually grueling as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but by way of having categories, Jeopardy feels kind of accessible. Almost like anyone could kill it if the category they knew a lot about was coming up. It’s really that accessibility that has made the show so popular, and Trebek has been along for that ride since 1984.

Still, you can’t blame Trebek for thinking it might be time to hang it up. Filming a syndicated show like Jeopardy is a lot of work and the guy is 77-years-old. He does have some ideas as to a potential replacement though. Trebek pointed at NHL announcer Alex Faust and CNN legal analyst Laura Coates as two people he’d like to carry the mantle on for him. If those two don’t seem like gameshow types, don’t sweat it, Trebek wasn’t born hosting game shows either. The guy actually has a philosophy degree and got his start as a news and sportscaster. Coates and Faust could be just right.