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Here’s How To Get Your Plush Anthony Fauci Toy Doll

Because Dr. Fauci *is* a superhero

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a beacon of clarity during the coronavirus pandemic. And now you might be able to actually buy a plush toy doll of Fauci… because why not? There is something comforting about Fauci, a constant presence on our TV screens, speaking frankly and advising us on best public health practices. So, in that way it makes sense to honor him with a plush toy, or at least that’s what Bleacher Creatures, the company that is working to make the plush dolls, thinks. 

In a press release, the company wrote, “We want to show this embattled hero that he has our support, and we hope that others who feel the same way will enjoy this plush figure as much as we do! The Dr. Fauci Bleacher Creature is a great gift for fans of science and current events [and] it is a collectible that adults and children alike can enjoy and share,” as per ParentsBleacher Creatures has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of the doll, which has received almost $7,000 so far, at the time of this article’s posting, out of a $20,000 goal. And in a smart marketing move, the company also shared a funny video promoting the doll, which paints the Fauci toy, clad in a white lab coat, as a superhero “facing his fiercest foe yet… COVID misinformation,” the dramatic voiceover states. The doll might make a great collectible for just about anyone. But for parents, the doll could especially have great potential to teach kids about the pandemic in a more comfortable, non-threatening way. 

Hit up the Kickstarter here to make sure you get your Fauci doll.