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Even Harvard And MIT Guys Think This New Supplement Might Reverse The Aging Process

As a dad, one of your top priorities is not dying. That’s why you do all that stuff you never used to do, like wear a bike helmet and eat green vegetables and tell your doctor how much you actually drink. But there’s one health risk you can’t mitigate: aging. Father Time must not have kids, because he’s kind of dick about this.

Enter MIT’s Lenny Guarente, a world-renowned age researcher who’s working with 5 Nobel Prize winners and 2 dozen other top researchers to solve this problem (because they don’t want to die either). The team has developed supplement for the company Elysium Health called BASIS, which utilizes the power of a group of enzymes involved in cell metabolism and energy production called sirtuins. Researchers have found that boosting the activity of these enzymes can extend the lifespan of yeasts, worms, mice, and other animals, which theoretically could include you. Guarente and his team use a natural compound that boosts sirtuins known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides, or NADs — a hell of a virility pun for an anti-aging supplement.


You’d be forgiven for viewing BASIS with some suspicion, given that the process of aging has been killing people for years. But the efficacy of NAD has been established by no less an authority than Harvard Medical School. Research conducted there by a genetics professor (and Guarente protege) named David Sinclair found that, after just one week of NAD, the muscles in 2-year-old mice resembled 6-month-old muscle — the human equivalent of a 60-year-old boasting 20-year-old muscles.

BASIS can currently be purchased online, but if you remain wary there’s more good news: Another way to jump start your sirtuins is with a compound called Resveratrol, which can be found in red wine. And, as you may have heard, science think you need a drink tonight anyway.

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