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Here Are the 17 Best Parent Reactions to the First Day of School

So many mixed emotions.


Ah, back to school. Between heartfelt sendoffs to kindergartners and your kid’s realization that they’ll now have to rely on cafeteria food, the first day of school is a mixed bag of emotions for everyone; especially parents. They’re often caught between missing quality time with their kids and being driven insane by said quality time. There’s also the crucial caveat of how your children feel about back to school. For some, hopping back on the bus is no big thing; they might even be excited about it (*gasp*). But for other kids, getting them back to school and into the routine is like pulling teeth.

Parents are taking to Twitter to share their experience with back to school time, which is in full swing for many even though we’re not even halfway through August. The hashtag #FirstDayofSchool is trending, and its chockfull of the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious things associated with the first day of school. Some parents are taking joy in their “first day of freedom” and ability to pass off their child’s energy onto their teacher, others are celebrating their little one’s independence at a new school.

Keep scrolling to see parents’ best reactions to their kids’ big sendoff.