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Henry Cavill Is Just Casually Building a Computer in New Viral Video

It's not often that you get to feast your eyes upon something like this.

Henry Cavill has been, like the rest of us, spending a lot of time at home during the coronavirus-mandated quarantines that have shut down the whole world. It’s also important to note that Superman-star Cavill is a long self-avowed nerd who is deep into gaming, read The Witcher long before he ever knew he would be cast in a role to portray the main character, and has publicly extolled the benefits of gaming with PCs over Playstations or the Xbox.

Now, while he may be stuck at home, he hasn’t been using that time just to watch television or slack off. Instead, according to a new video he recently posted on Instagram that has since gone viral, he’s been doing the nerdiest thing possible: building his own P.C. It’s clear that the hobby has been done between workouts — as he is still as beefy as ever — and considering that he start filming the next season of The Witcher within the next few months, he’ll need all that extra-famous bulk that made his work in the show so, uhm, popular.

The video shows the massive amount of tedium and, honestly, intellectual bravery it takes to take on something like building your own personal computer. But Cavill soldiers on through the video, locating parts, reading instructions, and looking a bit befuddled by the whole experience.