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Heartwarming Viral Twitter Thread Proves Your Kid Will Look Just Like You

New parents: If you're lucky, your destiny is to become part of a sweet viral thread.


If you’re a relatively new parent, with a kid still years away from having their own Twitter or Instagram account, here’s a snapshot of your future. Assuming you’re a loving parent who does everything right, your destiny is to be immortalized in a very sweet viral Twitter thread in which your grown-up child posts retro photos of you next to their face, which, is, bizarrely, a clone of your face, only less grainy.

Last week, Twitter user @haileylainee started a thread showing a photo of her mom, and her dad, and a contemporary snap of herself as an adult. “Let’s start a thread on your parents and how you came out” was the prompt. And the response was pretty damn sweet.

Overall, the responses to this thread affirm a new parent’s best dream for the future: Your adult child will love and think fondly of you! And, for extra vanity points, they will also look exactly like you!

I mean, if my daughter ends-up posting a photo like this, with that smiling heart emoji (or whatever the equivalent is in 2036) I’ll be pretty proud?

But it gets better! Your adult children might end up saying you and your partner were “fine.” Awesome!

In fairness, this woman’s dad looks like he went to the gym a lot more than I ever have, which is certainly something I will spend the rest of the day thinking about.

You can check out the rest of the very sweet thread here.