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Hatchimals, 2016’s Hottest Holiday Toy, Are Being Scalped At Crazy-High Prices

From Teddy Ruxpin to Tickle Me Elmo, every year there’s a popular toy that sets out to throw an adorable wrench in parents’ holidays. This year the Grinch that could steal your Christmas, or at least a lot of your money, is none other than the Hatchimal. The sold-out toy normally retails around $50, but is currently being scalped for hundreds of dollars on eBay and other third party sites. Not to make your Black Friday even bleaker, but it’s basically just a stuffed animal in a plastic egg.

Hatchimals are the brainchild of Spin Master, the company that created Etch-A-Sketch, Build-A-Bear-Workshop, and plenty of other non-hyphenated products, such as Tamagotchi — of which Hatchimals are kind of a real life, stuffed animal version. Basically, the toy starts off as an egg that slowly starts to make noises, and the more your kid plays with it, the more it starts to hatch. If your kid is not sure how to play with an egg, just make sure they avoid taking tips from the tale of Humpty Dumpty — especially if you’re paying 20 times what it should cost.


“While additional product will hit retail shelves in November, we anticipate this inventory will also sell out quickly,” a statement on the Hatchimals website says. Even Snooki took to Twitter looking for Hatchimals last week, and not everyone has that Snooki money. But the problem is that puts cash back in the hands of the third-party scalpers that screw parents holiday after holiday. To combat this, the makers of Hatchimals are working on creative solutions like presale and raincheck programs for redemption in January 2017, which is arguably better than going full blown Turbo Man. At least you have an excuse to keep the tree up a little longer.

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