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The New Hatchimal Is a Super-Sized Egg That Contains Twins

The Hatchimal Surprise hits shelves tomorrow. You've been warned.

Last year, many of us got caught off guard by Hatchimals. The adorable $60 stuffed birds that literally peck their way out of a plastic shell became the must-battle-for holiday toy before kids even had a chance to pen their letters to Santa. By the time parents got the word, stores were sold out and online scalpers were asking $300 each while booking lavish after-Christmas vacations to the Caribbean.

Who knows if Spin Master can recreate the magic ⏤ a handful of buzzworthy new toys like Wowee’s Fingerlings are already laying claim to hottest new holiday craze ⏤ but if so, consider yourself warned. The Hatchimal Surprise, the latest offering, hits store shelves tomorrow. You’re officially on the clock.

While Spin Master went small this spring with the release of egg-sized Hatchimal CollEGGtibles, the Hatchimal Surprise Egg is super-sized. Why so big? Well, the “suprise” is that it actually includes two birds this time ⏤ either a pair of identical or fraternal twins ⏤ from the family’s new species of Giravens and Peacats.

And, as there were some technical issues last year with birds that wouldn’t hatch, the new Surprise cracks through at the top of the egg. Although getting it to hatch still requires the same 15 minutes or so of nurturing love and care. Rub the bottom, flip it over, talk to it, and you’ll soon hear its heartbeat and notice the eyes come to life through the shell.

Once out in the real world, the new Hatchimals are as interactive as the old. They still grow through three life stages (baby, toddler, and kids) and react when you pat their heads or press their noses. There’s a toddler dance mode and, as kids, both twins will even play games together. And the best part: unlike in real life, twins will only cost you an extra $10. The Surprise retails for $70. That is, at least until the online scalpers start booking their vacations.

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