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Hasbro Has Found a Millennial-Friendly Replacement for Mr. Potato Head

Yes, there's a man-bun and avocados involved.


Credit cards, chain restaurants, napkins, even wine corks—millennials have been accused of ruining a lot of things. And their latest victim is Mr. Potato Head, who Hasbro announced on April 1 has been replaced by a trendier version: Mr. Avo Head.

“It’s no guaccident that the avocado was chosen to replace the carby potato,” the toy company wrote in its statement, adding that “Mr. Potato Head will no longer be a star carb character and will be replaced with his soon to be Insta-famous rival, Mr. Avo Head.”

The hipster toy, whose body is an avocado, sports a beard and man-bun along with thick-rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, and low-top sneakers. On his head are a pair of oversized headphones for “listening to all the latest beats (which you won’t have heard yet),” of course.

Hasbro even tweeted a picture of Mr. Avo Head in action, munching on chips and guac while sipping an iced coffee (with a paper straw naturally). He’s also been spotted at a quirky coffeehouse, eating Fruit Loops and typing away on his laptop, which is emblazoned with a “vegan” sticker.

“If this is wrong, I don’t want to be ripe!” reads Hasbro’s announcement. which adds that the new toy has yet to hit stores.

But fear not, fans of the original Mr. Potato Head—the company’s jab at millennials is just an April Fool’s Day prank. Which means your favorite spud isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He’ll still be around for the release of Toy Story 4, which is set to hit theaters on June 21, 2019.