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Harry and Meghan Are Repaying 3 Million to Taxpayers, But They’re Still Taking Royal Money

OK so not totally independent financially?


Eyes are still on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the details of their separation as Royal Members of the family get sorted and settled. Details like where they’re going to live and how they’re going to support themselves are not entirely set yet and the couple has made it clear that they want to be financially independent. Harry and Meghan are officially leaving their roles in the spring of 2020, but they may not be left entirely on their own financially anyway.

When Meghan and Harry announced they were leaving their roles and moving to Canada, one of the touchier points for the public was the taxpayer money that was just spent to renovate and upgrade Frogmore Cottage. The couple spent 6 months renovating the home before moving in just before their son Archie was born. The renovations were not cheap, costing an estimated $3 million, but Prince Harry and Meghan announced they would pay back every cent.

As part of their request to step back from their roles, the couple said they would relinquish their “Royal Highness” titles, and their salaries, and take care of footing the bill for the 6-month renovations since they won’t be living at the cottage full time.

The couple announced that they are going to pick up the bill did soften some of the naysayers and critics, but $3 million for a home they’re not going to living in most of the year is a lot of cash. That’s stressful to think about for a new family who is moving to another country and who both just quit their jobs. But, it turns out they’re not going to be all on their own and they’re still taking Royal money.

Harper’s Bazaar royal correspondent Omid Scobie shared in January that the couple will continue to be financially assisted by dad, Prince Charles. According to the Sussex Royal website, Charles currently pays 95 percent of the couple’s costs through the Duchy of Cornwall private estate, which he owns, and that’s not likely to change much after they leave their Senior Member roles. So it doesn’t look like they will be totally financially independent, at least for now, but they won’t be funded by taxpayer money.

The financial cushion from Charles, on top of Meghan’s earnings before she became a Royal, and Harry’s inheritance of his mother’s estate, make these major moves a little less stressful for them, financially anyway.