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Missed ‘Hamilton’ IRL? It’s Finally Coming to Disney+

The most popular musical in the universe will finally be streaming straight into your eyeballs.

Did you get a chance to watch Hamilton live? For most busy parents — the answer is probably an embarrassed “no.” While all your childless friends ranted and raved about getting tickets, many of you were left behind, having to absorb the phenomenon through clips, and of course, the epic soundtrack. But now, for families everywhere, the wait is over.

As of July 3, 2020, everyone with a Disney+ account will be able to watch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s indisputable masterpiece. Disney+ will begin streaming a “cinematic stage performance” of the film, which means this version of Hamilton is a filmed version of a live Broadway production. It’s not a movie the way the Hugh Jackman Les Misérables was a movie. As the new trailer proves, this is the closest thing you’ll get to actually seeing a Broadway stage show. (Watch it above!)

That said, it’s not like they filmed this just from one angle. The dynamic approach means that you’ll get, arguably, a better (or widely different) version of a stage show. Maybe the best analogy is this is like one of those really good live concert films of a great band. Only, in this case, the band is an award-winning Broadway-cast in the biggest musical since forever.

If you’re still confused about Disney+, here’s everything you need to know about signing-up.