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Is $1,000 Enough to Binge the Worst Christmas Movies in the World?

Hallmark makes solid cards, but their Christmas movies are ridiculous nonsense (that could earn you money).


Hallmark movies are the fruitcake of films: sickly sweet and not really liked by anyone but nevertheless an enduring Christmas tradition. And like fruitcake, a tiny slice Hallmark’s signature yuletide schmaltz is enough to tide one over until the next holiday season.

But while eating a ton of fruitcake can mean you get diabetes for Christmas, watching a ton of Hallmark Christmas movies can mean you get cold, hard holiday cash for Christmas, assuming you’re chosen to participate in the Hallmark Movie Dream Job promotion.

All you have to do is be 18, a US resident, and active on social media. There’s a simple application, and if you’re chosen, you’ll get a binge-watching package (a streaming subscription, holiday decorations and treats, and a ton of Hallmark swag) to use to watch 24 Hallmark Christmas movies in 12 days.

Twenty-four brand-new movies are hitting the channel this year, including adaptations like Sense, Sensibility, & Snowmen and Alice in Christmasland, tales of Christmas at both Dollywood and Graceland, and standard saccharine fare like Picture a Perfect Christmas and A Gift to Remember 2—though honestly who can remember A Gift to Remember 1?

You could mix up these new titles with those from Hallmark Christmases past. It’s the tenth anniversary of the channel’s Countdown to Christmas promotion, and in that decade it’s built up an unrivaled library of sappy holiday nonsense, so there’s no shortage of snow-dusted sweeping romances built upon convoluted plots to choose from.

In addition to watching these movies by Christmas Day, the “winner” of this promotion is required to share their experience on social media. We don’t know about you, but it would take a lot more than $1,000 for us to document what’s likely to be a complete holiday breakdown for all to see.