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Half Of Kids Report Being Addicted To Technology But It’s Not As Bad As It Sounds

You’ve always filed the idea of technology addiction under funny, fake first world problems like running out of cashew milk. But now that you have kids that will inevitably turn into social media-obsessed teenagers, their potential phone habits aren’t quite so amusing … or did you not read this? Luckily Common Sense Media has some data to help you mentally prepare for when your youngster graduates from slobbering on an iPad to slobbering over who’s on the other end of it.

The tech-focused nonprofit asked 1,240 parents and children ages 12-18 about their own phone, Internet and social media habits, as well as each other’s, and compiled the results into this handy infographic. While half of teens and tweens reported being addicted to their mobile devices, 59 percent of parents said their kids were addicted. This small gap in perception might mean that only 9 percent of of young people were lying, or that parents and adolescents agree more often than not about their assessment of technology use. The biggest disagreement between each side was about the amount of attention kids payed to their parents in comparison to their smartphones — 77 percent of parents said their kids didn’t pay enough of it to them because of it, versus 41 percent of kids who cared if their parents did the same thing.

Although this survey suggests your kid has a coin flip’s chance of becoming addicted to technology, it also shows that you 2 might be on the same page about what is or isn’t healthy technology use into their teen years. Overall, 85 percent of parents and 89 percent of kids thought that technology did not hurt or sometimes even helped their relationships, so you don’t have to run away to live in the woods just yet. If there’s reason to worry about their Internet use down the road, you’ll be able to look up from your phone long enough to know and do something about it.

[H/T] Common Sense Media