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Barber Offers Discounts For Kids Who Read Aloud During Haircuts

The Fuller Cut

Reading helps you cope with all that parenting stress, and just having books around could increase your kid’s earning potentially — which should help you sleep at night, too. The challenge is getting your youngster into these old-timey tablets without plying them with Pizza Hut like your parents did. You turned out fine but as NPR recently reported, there’s a better way. And it’s as easy as a little off the top.

At The Fuller Cut in Ypsilanti, Michigan, kids get a lot more than you’re average trim. Thanks to barber Ryan Griffin — who’s been cutting kid’s hair for over 20 years — local families now get a $2 discount if kids read aloud while getting there new do’s. Appropriately, Griffin got the idea from reading, but instead of a kid’s book it was an article about a similar program in Harlem. Ever since he convinced his boss to offer a similar incentive, the parents in the community — along with the rest of the internet —have loved the cut of his jib.

Since gaining national attention, The Fuller Cut has received more book donations that they know what to do with. Other reading programs in Houston, Texas, Dubuque, Iowa, and Columbus, Ohio similarly stress that it’s what’s inside the fohawk that counts. But if you can’t find one near you, Griffin recommends donating books to your local barber to encourage them to do the same. That way your kid can read while getting groomed, and you can still eat your words at Pizza Hut on the way home.