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Gymnastics Mom Hits the Move She Was Afraid to Do as a Teenager

Sometimes, the internet is good.

Twenty-three years ago, Nicole Clemens was a 14-year-old competitive gymnast whose fear of pulling off a round off back layout kept her from progressing in her chosen sport. Today, she’s a 37-year-old high school English teacher and mother of two who coaches gymnastics part-time.

That roster of responsibilities is already damn impressive — I for one feel a little lazy just reading it — but it’s Clemens conquering her fear that’s earned her viral fame.

Clemens talked to Buzzfeed about how she returned to the world of gymnastics.

“I put my daughter in a recreational gymnastics class to just keep her busy. She took off in the sport and is now a level 9 out of 10. [Nice parent brag.] But that means my life has been consumed by gymnastics in new ways.

“I’m always in and out of the gym as a mom. Gymnastics is also such an expensive sport so I started coaching a bit at the gym to offset costs. I now coach a small competitive team.”

Because she was still so involved in the sport, Clemens decided to join an adult class with another parent of a gymnast. And while she says that she just wanted to have fun, it’s also clear from her tweet that she worked hard to perfect this move, something that commenters were quick to celebrate.

And while it might make you feel lazy for not mastering difficult, athletic maneuvers well into your thirties, it’s hard not to be happy for Clemens, who accomplished her goal and inspired thousands of others in the process.