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Here’s Why Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Netflix Show Is Going to Piss Everyone Off

The queen of Goop has returned and it's going to rough.

Credit: Netflix

Get ready because there’s about to be more Goop in our lives. The lifestyle brand created by celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow just announced a partnership with Netflix for a new show titled The Goop Lab, which will premiere on the streaming platform on January 24th. The promotional materials were released yesterday, and it’s already starting to piss people off.

“We’re here one time. One life. How can we really milk the shit out of this?” Paltrow says in a newly released trailer of the show, which is aiming to take a closer look into wellness trends. Goop and Paltrow are pretty known for their pseudoscience and promoting strange health “trends” through the products they sell and claim to be for good health. It’s a bit of a joke online that when she’s promoting something as “healthy,” it’s probably weird and likely not science-backed, and she and her company have gotten in trouble for that in the past.

“Look, well, I think when we were a little start-up and didn’t know about claims and regulatory issues and all, you know, we made a few mistakes back in the early days,” the actress told Julia Boorstin from CNBC. “But, you know, for over a year now, we’ve had an incredibly robust and brilliant science and regulatory team in-house. It’s led by an MIT scientist.”

Paltrow must know that she’s going to get some kind of negative reaction from people with her new show. And that’s because she’s already started making excuses for it. She says she and her company have learned that backing up what you say with real research is essential. “And we’re very focused, of course, on, you know, backing up the things that we talk about with scientific claims when necessary or you know, being able to say like, ‘Hey, this is just for your entertainment.’ But it is really important. It’s like people say sometimes, we’ll talk about something and they’ll say that’s controversial. But then in six months, it’s a more widely adopted thing.” This is, for the record, coming from the person who kind of claimed she invented Yoga.

And that seems to be the focus of her new show, The Goop Lab, and she’s aware of the controversy surrounding it already, but she doesn’t think it’s warranted. “And I think, you know, to generalize and say there’s been controversy around us, I don’t think is quite fair, especially when you look at other businesses and some of the hot water they’ve gotten into along the way. Like we’re really just trying to move culture forward, especially as it comes to women. And I think the reason why Goop has become as popular as it has become is because women feel largely ignored when it comes to talking to their doctors about how they’re feeling.”

It didn’t take long for people to voice their opinions on Goop and their unique health claims to be given a larger platform.

It’s not a shock people are pissed. Taking a new look at something like health and wellness will always be met with some side-eye, and we’re always skeptical of something that’s not backed by real science. But, do we immediately have to take a crap on it just because it comes from Paltrow and Goop? Not too sure there, but either way, get ready for the shitstorm — and possibly fake science — that is going to happen once she show goes live.

The Goop Lab premieres on January 24th, and I’ll probably watch just for the shits and giggles.