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This Guy’s ‘Winter Punderland’ is an Epic Tribute to Needlessly Elaborate Wordplay

He's simply having a punderful Christmastime. His wife? Not so much.

YouTube/Kyle Gunderson

By now, your neighborhood has probably been transformed into a holiday wonderland, with every house decked out in twinkling lights, giant gingerbread houses, and inflatable Santas. If you’re lucky enough to live next door to Kyle Gunderson, however, you’ve been transported to a winter punderland ⏤ where every inch of his property is covered with impressive displays of holiday-themed wordplay. Kyle uploaded a video showing off all of his gloriously over-the-top decorations with a dorky sense of pride that would make any dad proud.

The best part? The “winter punderland official tour” was led by his wife, who was hilariously unamused by her husband’s Christmas showmanship. With a glass of wine in hand, Kyle’s unnamed wife reluctantly explains each of his needlessly elaborate tributes to double entendres, including an alphabet display that was missing the letter “L” (No L! Get it?), beloved actor Michael Caine surrounded by candy (Candy Caines!), and a red-headed man who has an affinity for bread (Ginger bread man. You see where this is going). Her slight annoyance at having to explain all of Kyle’s puns is every bit as funny as “winter punderland” itself, as she perfectly encapsulates the feelings associated with having a love-hate relationship with puns.

Whether you find puns delightful or deplorable, you have to respect Kyle’s commitment to the bit, as it undoubtedly took hours of hard work to make this Christmas dream come true. And to his credit, his hard work paid off; every part of his decorations ⏤ from the suit of armor shushing anyone walking by (Silent knight) to Dwayne Johnson hanging out by a Christmas tree (Rocking around the Christmas tree) ⏤ looks fantastic. The only thing that could make it better is if he had included a rose suchak ladder to reach the roof. Or maybe a giant foot, but with the toes replaced by missiles (Missile-toe, of course). There’s always next year!